The End of the Road: By the Numbers

Lila and I have been home for just about a month now. Setting up house, buying cars, paying bills, and visiting with family and friends. Getting back into this so-called “real life” has been taking up most of our time, so there has been little time to work on finishing up our blog. How do we summarize our thoughts about a whirlwind trip that took us through 22 countries in thirteen and a half months? What did we learn about the world? What did we learn about ourselves? These are all things that will take time of reflection and discussion with family and friends before we truly have answers. In the meantime, we thought we’d give you a different view of our trip. We started this list a couple of months ago while on a night train between Hanoi and Hue, Vietnam. We finished it over a bottle of wine just a few of nights ago…

Our Year in Numbers

5 Continents
22 Countries
23 Planes
14 Trains
30 Buses
16 Ferries & Boats (not including dive boats, houseboats, or kayaks)
9 Motos & Scooters
6 Bicycles
2 Rental Cars
17 Paid Tours (i.e. Safari, Valley of the Kings, City Tours)
100’s of tuk tuks, taxis, and minivans
1000’s of kilometers walked
4 Illnesses (2 each, but not counting 6 weeks of general bellyaches in India)
1 Volunteer Program
40 Dives each (Brazil, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Egypt, Thailand)
49 Coral Species Memorized
2 New Dive Certifications
74 World Beers Sampled
3 Cameras
6 pairs of flip flops (Jeff). Lila – too many shoes to count:)
15 cooking classes
15 pounds lost (Jeff)
10 pounds gained. All muscle! (Lila)
Money Spent? Don’t even ask.
Life experience. priceless.

Landing small hopper flight from Liberia to San Jose, Costa Rica


Stuck in the sand on the way to find surf – with Jaime, just south of Lima, Peru.


Sleeping in on the night bus – Andean Pass, Chile


Aboard the ferry on the Rio Plato – from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay

Dune running  - Dubai, UAE

Dune running – Dubai, UAE


Our Safari Rig – on the way to the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa


Lila stepping out of a tuk tuk – Jodhpur, India


Lila steps off of the street car – Istanbul, Turkey


Josh and I take the scooters off-road – Chiang Mai, Thailand


Atop a houseboat – Halong Bay, Vietnam

Lila waiting patiently for the tram - Hong Kong, China

Lila waiting patiently for the tram – Hong Kong, China

Click here to view more photos and videos from our travels.

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