Getting in shape. For real this time.

Today, only three months behind schedule, Lila and I have decided it’s time to start a better work out regime. Over the next year we will be trekking, surfing, diving, and walking a hell of a lot. It’s time to get strong. To get us started we’ve decided to try the “one hundred push ups” training program. The basic idea is that if we follow this program for 6-weeks we will be able to do, if not 100 push ups, at least more than we can do now.

Aside from the push ups, Lila and I have both been stretching and doing some strength training on the TRX (“Gym in a Bag”) that we have brought with us. To learn more about the TRX check out the Fitness Anywhere website. This may be a shameless plug for my friends at Fitness Anywhere, but I swear this thing is the real deal.

See all of our Costa Rica photos here.

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