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The Seychelles
Zanzibar Doors
Lila’s collection of photos of hand-carved doors in Zanzibar.

Favorite Travel Photos
A selection of photos we took while traveling the world.

Our wedding in Lamu, Kenya
Lila and I were married while traveling in Africa in 2009. Many of these photos were taken by our new friend Frank, who, along with his wife Marrianne, own the luxurious Lamu House Hotel on the island of Lamu, just off the east coast of Kenya. They not only helped to plan a dream wedding for us in just three days, but they took most of our wedding photos as well – with our simple point and shoot. The remainder of the shots where taken by Lila and myself as the incredible day unfolded.


Home Sweet Home

Both Lila and I were born and raised in Sonoma County. We recently moved back after decades away to be near to family and friends. We currently reside in Healdsburg, CA.

Santa Barbara
We spent nearly four years in this California “paradise”. It will always be a special place for us.

Santa Cruz Island, Santa Barbara
Santa Rosa Island, Santa Barbara


Craft Beer & Brewing

Beers of the World
A gallery featuring each of the beer (brands) that I have sampled while out in the world.

Brew Days
Photos of the brewing process – with my brother-in-law Matt Brown.


Cooking, Food, & Wine

A Culinary Adventure
There is nothing better than being able to savor something that you love made in the place where it originated. Here are photos of street food and other delicacies that we’ve been lucky enough to sample.